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Since 1996, Tekmaster has served a wide range of industries from aerospace to automotive, alternative energy to consumer electronics, etc. Our engineering and technical expertise, understanding of system function and integration, part/system failure mechanisms, knowledge of process controls, material properties, and state-of-the-art design and manufacturing processes have resulted in successful system and component design and performance optimization.

• System Reliability, Maintainability, and Safety

• Aircraft Systems Integration

• Airframe Structural Engineering

• Aircraft Cargo Systems & Cargo Conversions

• Aircraft Interior Reconfiguration & Standardization

• Interior Furnishings & Equipment

• System & Component Design

• Project Management & Technical Support

• Certification & Qualification Support

• Manufacturing Support

• Technical Publications


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Whether your support needs are short-term or long-term, Tekmaster’s dedicated professionals can meet your requirements with quality attentive service. Our multi-disciplined team has built a solid reputation with our professional standards, attention to details, and responsive business attitude. We support many repeat customers and enjoy numerous word of mouth referrals.

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