Special Mission Aircraft configuration

Tekmaster team was involved in the conversion of a Hawker HS-125-800 aircraft to a special mission configuration. The modification involved the installation of a SAR system. Our team’s involvement related to all aspects of design, modification, and certification of the aircraft with involvement in all areas of aircraft flight performance and stability (aerodynamics), Internal loads, Flutter, Mass properties, structures, Interiors, compliance, and others

Aircraft Interior & Reconfiguration

Tekmaster’s numerous aircraft interior projects includes varied areas including:

  • Equipment and Furnishings
  • Interior Reconfiguration
  • Cargo Systems, Conversions, And Structural Engineering
  • Systems  Integration and Installations
  • Program management

Sampling of interior programs includes:

  1. Interior reconfiguration of Boeing 767-300 aircraft for a major International aircraft leasing company
  2. Interior reconfiguration of Airbus A320 aircraft for a national airline
  3. Interior reconfiguration of Boeing 737 aircraft for a major U.S airline
  4. Relocation and rework of main deck galley complex involving Design, Analysis, Certification, and Installation (Boeing 747-200 aircraft).
  5. Rework of DC-10 aircraft galley Compartments to accept standard containers and carts
  6. New interior product development involving closets, video storage units, under floor crew rest compartments, galleys, and bins
  7. Installation of interior furnishing and equipment
  8. Conversion of Passenger Aircraft to Full Cargo configuration. Primary aircraft structure modification. Cargo system installation and cargo net design and installation. Full engineering, certification, and installation (Shorts SD3-30, DC-8, and B727 Aircraft)
  9. Design of new Cargo Handling system for major Asian airline

Boeing 747-200C Airtanker

Tekmaster was part of a team that accomplished the design, installation and certification of an Air Tanker System in a Boeing 747-200C for fighting forest fires. The system was designed to be installed primarily on the main deck.  Controls and indicators were installed in the cockpit.  The fire retardant discharged from the aft bottom of the aircraft through four sixteen inch diameter nozzles